Guiding Principles, Mission & Vision

Origin & Objectives

Around seven years back none of the real estate industry Association from the Delhi- NCR region were members of CREDAI - an apex and the only all India organization representing the interest of Real Estate Developers.

For further expansion of this hallmark industry and to establish a mutual beneficiary relationship with the Allied Products Manufacturers (i.e. Cement, Steel, Elevator/Escalator, Tiles/Marble, Electrical, Sanitary & Hardware, Generator, Air Conditioner, Waste Water Treatment etc.) and Service Providers (i.e. Brokers, Banks, Contractors, Financial Institutions etc); we have decided to invite limited membership for very few eminent leaders from the respective Allied Industries to be associated with CREDAI WESTERN U.P as Associate Members.

Main Objectives To encourage fraternity, feelings of co-operation and mutual help among the Members of CREDAI WESTERN U.P

 To encourage adoption and promotion of fair business practices

 To promote and protect the general interest of the Members and to keep liaison with the Government to formulate right policies relating to the trade, industry and profession of Real Estate Development

 To initiate organized action on the subject connected with the profession of building construction and management thereof for increasing efficiency, productivity and quality by modernization and technology advancement

 To collect and disseminate data, statistics and information on the subjects related to the profession of building construction and related subjects of interest to members

 To formulate expert opinion on matters arising out of Govt. policies, to organise meetings, seminars, conferences, exhibitions etc..

 To provide all possible expert advice, guidance and assistance to Members and to make all possible efforts to be a True Friend to the members of CREDAI WESTERN U.P. Entrepreneurs and to promote welfare promotional schemes for such Investors / Integrated Entrepreneurs

 You will get a platform to interact and promote your concept/product directly to the major players/decision makers of the Real Estate Industry.

 You become a part of the voice of the builders and developers industry.

 You will be entitled for many discounts programs and special benefits, which will only be available to CREDAI WESTERN U.P members.

 You will be able to the respective committee to work towards the benefits of your business and the association.

 You will get the most networking under one roof by participating at the general members meetings, conventions and exhibitions etc.

 By your active participation you will be recognized more and thus benefit your industry by increasing your revenue.

Scope & Vision CREDAI WESTERN U.P & CREDAI can gain lots of mileage both in terms of business and publicity by pursuing already defined objectives. Government of India has stated that construction industry is pegged at 10% growth and is seriously considering the following for the benefit of Real Estate Industry

 Rationalization of Stamp duty at 2% and nil for development agreement

 Housing for 2 million in this plan period

 Making land available easily for developers from Govt. Agencies

 Speeding up of Housing Reforms at GOM level

 Interest Relaxation in Capital gains

 Encouragement of FDI up to 50% in this Sector

 IRDA permission to invest 15% of insurance company funds in this sector

 Bringing in "Escrow" a/c system for all HDFC lending like that of infrastructure sector

 Setting up of Equity Fund for Developers both for short & retail funding either through national lending institute or mutual funds

 Establishing Urban Reforms Incentive Fund, City Challenge Fund, Pooled Finance Development Fund - all from Govt. of India

In order to gain maximum advantage CREDAI WESTERN U.P vision shall be focused towards :

 Risk evaluation / mitigation measures

 Consumer court proceedings

 FDI implication advantage

 Financing alternatives

 Getting concessions from material suppliers & manufacturers

 Facilities Management etc ....

Keeping regular touch with Government Agencies, laboratories, technical institutes, local government officials for

 Technology absorption

 Resource Planning

 Improving skills

 Tax concessions, etc ...

Keeping a panel of :

 Potential buyers / investors / architects / consultants

 Advt. Agencies

 Agents for National / International promotions

Keeping a panel of :

 Electing a small managing committee comprising dynamic members

 Setting a target of 100 members strength to conduct fortnightly monthly meeting / workshops / seminars / annual conventions as appropriate in all NCR towns

 Appointing a Business Committee to meet all government agencies / financial institutions / markets for creating "RESOURCE POOL"

 Creating a library / data bank for disseminating useful information to members

 Co-ordinating with CREDAI / CII / FICCI / PHD / CIDC and other trade associations to gain exposure in global market and to gain access in the government bodies / NGO's etc.

 Keeping cordial relations with print and electronic media and communicating to press for image enhancement

Conclusion CREDAI WESTERN U.P, like CREDAI needs to emerge as the leading platform for addressing problems related to Real Estate industry in WESTERN U.P. Keeping in view of the role played by industry bodies such as CIDC / CII / FICCI / ASSOCHAM / PHD in decision making levels of Government machineries, CREDAI WESTERN U.P primarily must aim at iWESTERN U.Peasing the member strength followed by making our presence felt in the region. After this achievement CREDAI WESTERN U.P can focus towards getting lobbying power in various ministries / offices to prevail upon our points in getting decisions turned towards our favour. Excellent public relations, steady progress, development of net working will definitely cement the goodwill amongst members, govt. agencies and public at large. Synergic effect, collective bargaining, consortium approach etc. are key words in today's mega business. It is therefore suggested that above proposals be considered for immediate implementation to enable CREDAI WESTERN U.P achieve the desired results